Chances are, you have spots of dead grass in locations that your dogs utilize for the restroom. Changing to artificial grass for dogs in Stockton makes it feasible to offer your pet an outdoor play room without compromising your wish for a green and lush backyard. Here’s how.


What is lawn burn?

Dog urine has ammonia. On the one hand, ammonia’s nitrogen content contributes to healthy and balanced grass and also plant development by acting as a plant food. On the other, a lot of it will kill natural grass.

Lawn burn is particularly discouraging because environment-friendly, healthy and balanced grass will certainly still expand around the damaged location. The outcome is an uneven lawn with dead, brownish areas that reduces the whole appearance of your backyard.

Fixing Lawn Burn on Real Grass is Nearly Impossible

While it’s feasible to stay on top of lawn burn when you have real grass, it takes a great deal of effort. Be prepared to:

  • Make your dog consume even more water
  • Purchase and also feed your pet nutritional supplements that will bind the nitrogen in their pee
  • Apply costly lawn repair service therapies
  • Change your fertilizing timetable
  • Use extra water to water down the nitrogen from the pee
  • Reseed and also expand brand-new grass on the afflicted location
  • Quit making use of the yard as a pet potty location

None of these are assured to deal with lawn burn completely. Short of disallowing your dog from utilizing the yard at all, it’s difficult to keep an eye on every time he has to pee.

For numerous home owners, the only lasting option is to change to artificial grass in Stockton. It addresses the lawn burn issue entirely while supplying all the best parts of a natural lawn.

Beat Lawn Burn for Good with Artificial Grass for Dogs in Stockton

Due to its artificial nature, turf is the best suitable for pet owners that desire a happy dog as well as a lovely yard. Below are some methods that stops lawn burn and also streamlines dog ownership:

  1. Pee and also nitrogen will not harm synthetic turf.

    Given that it’s not alive, turf is unsusceptible to chemicals like nitrogen. Your dog can pee on synthetic grass as long as required, and it will certainly not influence the lawn at all.

  2. It drains pee successfully.

    The permeable support of artificial grass recedes pee to leave a tidy, odorless surface area. Just wash with soapy water after your dog goes potty.

  3. It’s extremely resilient.

    With synthetic grass in Stockton, you never ever need to stress over active paws damaging your valuable yard. It can withstand all sorts of canine tasks, from hefty excavating to hours of running and also rushing around the lawn.

You and your pet deserve a stunning, secure, as well as low-maintenance lawn that can last for years. Call your Stockton turf installers today to get more information regarding the very best artificial grass for dogs!