Weed Control and Safety for Dogs with a Seattle Putting Green

weed control
August 27, 2021

Installing a Seattle putting green is a great way to protect dogs from toxic weeds. Some of the most dangerous types of weeds include oxalis, buttercup, and dandelion – all commonly found in many different yards. Using artificial lawns prevents these plants from growing into your dog’s environment and harming them. Not only that but you’ll have a cleaner lawn overall.

weed control

There are a number of weeds common in backyards that can be dangerous or poisonous for dogs, and artificial grass for dogs in Seattle protect them from these.

Here is a list:


Dogs might eat dandelion leaves and spread them around so they can grow to be more. If a dog eats too much of this weed, it could cause digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting. Also, the sap from these plants can irritate their skin if they walk on it often enough.


This weed can cause a variety of issues for dogs, such as skin rashes and digestive problems. To avoid this type of grass, look out for it in the Fall when ragweed is growing. If your dog happens to have an allergic reaction to this plant, you will know if their eyes develop redness or itchiness.


Dogs should not eat tansy because it is very poisonous in large doses. If they do, you will see vomiting and staggering around for a few hours until the toxins wear off enough so that your dog can sleep without pain.


This is another type of grass that dogs should not eat. If they do, you will see symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea because it contains thiamine inhibitors which can cause digestive issues in large doses.


This weed is commonly mistaken for a food source by dogs because it has white flowers that look similar to clovers found in treats. However, this is another type of grass that dogs should not eat because it will cause digestive problems.

Protects Dogs and Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle

If you do have any of these types of weeds near your artificial grass installation site, they can be dangerous to pets and spread toxins around the area. Luckily, the installation process removes them altogether.

Additionally, synthetic turf also protects the rest of your lawn from weed growth. Even if you leave a small section of your yard without an installation, these types of weeds will not grow as well there because they need dirt to take root.

As a result, artificial grass makes your yard more weed-free than ever, without any of the dangers that come along with it.

Final Thoughts

Artificial grass and a Seattle putting green can be a great way to keep your dog safe from toxic weeds that are otherwise found in most yards. This is especially true for dogs who enjoy rolling around on the ground and playing with other animals, like cats or squirrels. Just make sure you get artificial grass installed by an expert turf company if you want it to last longer than one summer!

You can learn more about how artificial lawns might work best for your pet at local turf experts near you. Give them a call today – if they don’t answer, leave them a message and they’ll call you back soon!

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