What Does Infill Do for Synthetic Turf

Have you ever wondered what infill does for synthetic turf in Reno and putting greens? Infill is an integral part of maintaining a realistic-looking, low-maintenance landscape. It is the material that is placed in between the blades of grass to help maintain the natural look, feel, and performance of synthetic turf. Let’s break down what infill does and how it helps your Reno putting green or artificial lawn.

What Is Infill? 

Infill is a granular substance that acts as an aggregate material between the blades of synthetic turf in Reno. This material provides support and cushioning to the turf while also helping to reduce odors and keeping dirt out of the fibers. The most common types of infill are sand, rubber crumb, coated crumb rubber, nano particles, coconut husks, cork, or acrylic coating systems.

How Does Infill Help Synthetic Turf? 

Infill helps protect your landscaping in Reno Nevada by providing cushioning for feet as well as protection from UV rays when used with a top dressing. It also helps to keep the turf cooler by reflecting heat away from the surface. In addition, infill prevents dirt from mixing with the turf fibers which can cause matting and discoloration over time.

As a result of all this protection, your synthetic turf will look better for longer periods of time without fading or becoming matted down due to regular use or foot traffic.

In addition to its protective qualities, infill also helps to improve drainage by allowing excess water to easily pass through it instead of pooling on top of your artificial lawn or Reno putting green. This ensures that your landscape looks great even after heavy rainstorms or other wet weather conditions. It also ensures that you have fewer puddles in your yard which can be dangerous if left unattended for too long!

Finally, infill helps reduce noise levels when walking on the surface because it absorbs sound waves instead of reflecting them back off like concrete would do. This makes it ideal for homes near busy roads or areas where loud noises are common occurrences during certain hours of the day or night.

Last Words on Infill

Synthetic turf has been around for quite some time now but many people still don’t realize just how important infill is when installing an artificial lawn or Reno putting green in their yard.

Not only does it provide cushioning and support for feet but it also helps protect against UV rays while keeping dirt out of the fibers which could cause discoloration over time.

Additionally, infilling reduces noise levels when walking on the surface compared to other materials such as concrete which would reflect sound waves back off instead of absorbing them like infilling does! All these benefits make sure you get maximum enjoyment out of your Reno artificial turf while reducing maintenance costs over its lifetime too! So why not consider adding some quality infilling today? You won’t regret it!