Why a Putting Green in Portland Makes a Safer Practice Surface

If you have kids at home, you’ve probably wondered why they always seem to gravitate towards the putting green. They climb all over it and try to putt. But if you’ve installed an artificial putting green, they’re less likely to hurt themselves.

In this article, we take a look at six reasons why a putting green in Portland is safer than real grass.

1. It’s a Soft Surface

One of the main reasons why it is safer for kids to play on an artificial putting green is that it has a soft surface, which means there’s less chance they will get hurt when they fall. Children are very active and curious by nature, so when you have them around, you need to keep them out of harm’s way.

Before you install an artificial putting green, make sure your kids are old enough to understand the rules of safety around it.

2. It’s Less Likely to Cause Injury

If you have a young child, it is more likely that they will fall on synthetic grass than real grass because the surface of the synthetic putting green is softer. It’s less likely that they will get hurt this way, but be aware that there are still dangers around the artificial putting green even if it doesn’t have sharp corners or edges.

3. You Can Install Protective Covering Around it

If you want to make sure your kids are safe on the putting green, you can install a protective covering around it. You can purchase a rubber mat to put around it or have plastic covering installed.

Artificial grass in Portland Oregon is not only safer for kids but safer in general. If you want to take a look at some of our installations, contact us today.

4. It Makes a Safer Playground

You might even consider installing artificial turf around the perimeter of your house or in a play area. This will make a safer playground where your kids can run, crawl and climb without hurting themselves if they fall.

Synthetic grass expert in Portland also makes an excellent playground surface because it doesn’t get muddy during the rain.

5. It’s Less Expensive to Maintain

Another big reason why it is a good idea to put up a putting green in your backyard is because it is cheaper to maintain than real grass. You don’t have to spend as much time with mowing, raking and edging.

Not only that but you can save money on water bills. You won’t have to run sprinklers all the time, and it is better for your yard in terms of water conservation.

6. It Increases Home Value

If you want to sell your home, consider installing artificial grass in the backyard because it will increase your home value by more than 10%. This is a big financial incentive to choose synthetic turf instead of natural grass.

Artificial putting green also makes it safer for kids, and that’s something you don’t have to think twice about!

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s all about convenience and safety when you decide to install an artificial putting green. If you want a time-saving option that doesn’t require much maintenance, a putting green in Portland is the way to go for your backyard.