Artificial grass Amazing for Pets

Dogs are an amazing part of many households. Some people have one, but other dog owners have several animals roaming around their homes. If you’re a proud owner of an animal that loves to be outside, then the chances are good that you have grass surrounding your home somewhere. While it’s ideal for your pet to spend time in the sun, there are some issues with grass that make it less than ideal.

If your dog spends time romping through your yard on a daily basis, here are four problems associated with having natural grass and how artificial grass for dogs in Bend can help solve them:

  1. Dogs dig – It’s instinctual for them to try and find cool areas in the yard to bust out their digging skills. When they do this on real grass, it can lead to problems like your pet tearing up the turf or even potentially uncovering harmful objects buried below ground that could injure them!
  2. Grass isn’t always kept short – Some breeds of dogs are larger than others. This makes it difficult for some owners to keep their grass cut down with regularity, which can result in uncomfortable hot spots for your dog if they spend too much time standing on the grass with little air flow under their paws.
  3. Pets will leave things behind – No matter how furry you consider your dog is, there’s no denying the fact that they’ll lose things along the way. It could be as simple as clumps of matted fur or it can be something more serious like a tumor.
  4. Grass causes allergies – A lot of owners have discovered that their dogs are allergic to grass, which means keeping an animal with low-grade allergies on this type of surface for too long can be a recipe for disaster.

The Solution? Synthetic Turf!

Artificial grass for dogs in Bend helps solve all of these problems and more! All you need to do is find a quality installer in your area that knows how to install artificial grass specifically designed for pets, and you’ll have a better option for your dog quickly. Artificial grass doesn’t require much in the way of upkeep, so you won’t have to worry about digging. It also doesn’t retain any moisture so your dog won’t face issues with hot spots or other injuries.

No matter what kind of pet you own, it’s important to do everything within your power to keep them safe and healthy. Using artificial turf for dogs is one great option that can help solve many common problems associated with natural grass and create a more comfortable environment for your pet!

  1. No digging – Dogs love to dig holes all throughout yards; this can lead to ripping up turf or uprooting plants/trees (which may be harmful). Artificial grass in Bend Oregon cannot be dug through because its blades are very short (usually between 1-3″) which prevents digging.
  2. No hot spots – Dogs can’t roll around on the fake grass, so they won’t get super hot which is a real problem for pets.
  3. No allergies or fur loss – Because of the non-porous surface, it’s impossible to have grass allergies or to lose fur if your dog spends time on the fake grass.
  4. No poop or other “things” left behind – Fake grass can’t have fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides applied to it, so pet owners don’t have to worry about their animals eating anything that could harm them. Dogs can still use the bathroom in their yard, and there is no need to clean pet messes up right away with fake grass.
  5. Convenient – The upkeep on artificial grass is very low; it doesn’t need to be mowed nor do owners have to worry about fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It’s also very easy to keep clean since debris/mud can be removed without issue.

    Artificial turf in Bend Oregon is a fantastic option that can provide numerous benefits. It’s an environmentally friendly choice too, which makes it a wonderful product to have in your yard!