Give Your Garden a Modern Makeover Using Synthetic Turf in Denver

synthetic turf garden
December 16, 2020

Gardens are one of the best places to relax in, after a long day. But if it’s unorganized, relaxing will be quite a challenge. The only solution is to give your garden a more organized look, and a modern design may just be a perfect choice. Using synthetic turf in Denver, you can turn your garden into an oasis within the concrete jungle.

synthetic turf garden

Modern Garden Elements and Design Ideas

A modern garden is often characterized as organized, minimalist, and elegant. An artificial grass installation for your Denver garden can help you achieve this. Below are some design inspirations you can try, based on modern garden elements.

A Well-Defined Open Space

One of the most noticeable elements in a modern garden is its open space. It serves as a refuge where you can breathe easy, especially when you spend so much time in the city. For this, geometry is important as the shape of your lawn helps accentuate the expanse of the space. This can be easily achieved by making your lawn’s edges well defined.

It’s a challenge if you have natural grass, as it grows very easily and reduces the definition of the lawn’s geometry. An easy solution is to replace the natural lawn with an artificial turf installation in Denver, CO. Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, so it can maintain the well-defined edges on your lawn.

Relaxing Focal Point

A garden’s main function is for relaxation, which is why it should have features or focal points that will encourage stress relief. Accentuating these focal points can be tricky, but the easiest way to do it is by creating contrast.

A popular relaxing focal point is a water feature such as a fountain or pond, as the sound of water stimulates the senses. And the best contrast for these features is a lush green lawn, creating a balance between earth and water elements. Synthetic turf in Denver can provide this greenery the whole year round, even without watering.

Minimalist and Functional

If you want a modern garden with a big space but can still function as a receiving area or dining space, you can go for a minimalist look. You can achieve this by decluttering your garden and only adding features that are functional, such as tables and chairs.

A garden with concrete or stone floorings may sound great because it’s low-maintenance. However, hard flooring is not so ideal as it tends to get hot during the afternoon. Stone or concrete can also ruin furniture with constant friction from pushing and pulling.

A low-maintenance garden flooring you can choose instead is synthetic turf in Denver. Its smooth surface not only protects furniture but also insulates the heat radiating from the ground during hot afternoons.

Make Spaces More Relaxing with Artificial Grass

Having a garden with relaxing greenery will always be a great place to destress after a long day. And with artificial turf, that beautiful garden is easy to achieve. To learn more or to get started with your garden project, call your local installers now.

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