Sustainable Commercial Landscape Ideas using Artificial Turf in Monterey, CA

commercial artificial turf
December 28, 2020

With so many people trying to achieve a greener lifestyle, it only makes sense for businesses to follow suit. If you’re wondering how your commercial facility can attract more eco-conscious customers, consider switching to artificial turf in Monterey, CA. Not only is it low-maintenance and beautiful, it’s also a more sustainable choice than live grass in many ways.

commercial artificial turf

Is Artificial Turf Eco-Friendly?

Since it’s synthetic, it’s easy to assume that it’s not. However, artificial grass actually has several environmentally-friendly qualities:

Doesn’t require water

Artificial grass is an excellent way for businesses to help with their community’s water conservation. You never need to water artificial turf, significantly reducing wastage of this precious resource.

Lasts for decades

Worried about your turf ending up in landfills? Don’t be. It takes about 10 to 25 years for high-quality artificial grass to need replacement. Even then, it can be repurposed into many other objects to avoid adding waste to landfills

No need for toxic lawn care chemicals

Fertilizers, pesticides, and other potentially-toxic lawn care materials seep into the ground and eventually, into water sources. In turn, these toxins can poison water tables and affect an area’s resource. Fortunately, you never need to use any chemicals just to keep artificial grass alive.

Sustainable Turf: Creative Artificial Grass Ideas for Businesses

If those green benefits sound good so far, you may be wondering how you can incorporate synthetic turf into your commercial landscape. Below are some ideas:

A waterless putting green

Commercial putting greens are profitable investments because they make your venue more fun and attract a wider range of clientele. A Pebble Beach putting green made of synthetic turf is a waterless attraction you can have installed in or outside your facility.

A safe playground

Any venue that’s fun and safe for kids is automatically a good place for parents. Want to create a reputation for being a kid-friendly establishment? Cover your space with artificial grass! Its shock absorbent padding, anti-bacterial surface, and soft texture allows kids to play while their parents enjoy total peace of mind.

A pet-friendly paradise

Humans are not the only ones who love artificial grass – pooches go crazy for it, too! Many business owners are turning to artificial turf for dogs in Monterey to appeal to a rising number of pet owners. Whether you want to put up a dog clinic or interested in a pet-friendly restaurant, you’ll find an excellent choice in synthetic turf.

A picture-perfect venue

Everyone wants beautiful pictures, no matter if they’re celebrating a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any other significant event in their lives. Make sure your venue provides the perfect backdrop with the help of artificial turf in Monterey, CA. It stays vibrant green forever, is lush, and is a gorgeous base for any event.

These are just some of the many ways you can boost your business using synthetic turf. For more information, contact your local installers today!

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