Replacing your live lawn with artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is a major decision. Aside from the costs, you’re probably thinking if it’s safe enough for your dogs. Some pet owners also wonder how easy it is to maintain, and if it can withstand the daily antics of their furry pets. Learn the benefits of pet turf, and the tell-tale signs it’s time to make the switch.

artificial grass dogs

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Stockton

Stockton synthetic grass is making life easier and more fun for pet owners in the area. Benefits include:

It makes clean-up easier.

Cleaning potty waste is way easier with pet turf! Simply pick-up solid waste. As for pee, you’ll never have to deal with urine puddles or lawn burn ever again. Dog pee just drains straight through turf’s efficient drainage system. Rinse out the potty spot with water and a bit of soap solution, and it’s back to its odor-free and sanitary state.

It’s incredibly tough.

Artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is hands-down more durable than live lawn. Digging, running around, jumping, and rolling on the grass? Synthetic turf remains its pristine self no matter how hard and how long your pet plays outside.

It deters digging and scratching as well, and they can’t wear down paths on the turf like they would on real grass.

It’s safe.

Enjoy peace of mind when you make the switch! Artificial grass offers unique safety benefits you won’t find on live lawns, such as:

  • Pest-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No need for toxic lawn chemicals
  • Toxic weeds can’t go on synthetic turf
  • No grass burrs and sharp twigs
  • No fleas and tick infestations
  • Soft, cushioned surface is gentle on the joints of your dogs
  • Non-slip when wet

Synthetic grass definitely beats live turf when it comes to pet-friendly benefits! But how do you know it’s time to make the switch?

How to Know It’s Time to Switch to Pet Artificial Grass

Now, the big question: when’s the right time to go synthetic? The general answer is ASAP, especially once you spot these red flags:

  • Your yard is full of holes from your dogs’ digging.
  • Bare paths have been worn down by running puppies.
  • Your pets are infested with fleas and ticks.
  • Your dogs are getting exposed to toxic lawn chemicals.
  • Your backyard is full of dead and brown patches due to urine burn.
  • Your lawn stinks from the accumulated smell of pee.
  • You’re tired of cleaning up mud and dirt off your dog’s paws and all over your home.

Simpler, cleaner, and more fun pet ownership is possible with Stockton artificial grass. Learn more about the ways turf can improve yours and your pet’s life. Schedule a call with local installers today!