Why It’s Better to Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle Pools Than Traditional Landscaping Materials

Synthetic Grass in Seattle Pools Than Traditional Landscaping Materials
October 13, 2023

Synthetic Grass in Seattle Pools Than Traditional Landscaping Materials

When it comes to creating a seamless and user-friendly pool environment, Seattle homeowners face unique challenges. Our city sees a lot of wet weather, and common landscaping materials like soil, grass, tiles, bricks, and marble can all fall short of dealing with our climatic quirks.

But here’s the good news: the world of landscaping has evolved and come up with a versatile, practical, and appealing alternative — just install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Soil and Grass: The Green Dream That Isn’t Always So

Opting for soil and grass around your pool may seem very ‘earthy’ and ‘natural’, but it has its downsides rooted in reality. When the rain hits, the soil quickly turns muddy, allowing dirt to enter your pool and house.

Natural grass also demands labor-intensive maintenance like mowing, edging, and watering — tasks that just add to the weekend ‘to-do’ list.

Synthetic Grass — The Green Revolution

The artificial variant can handle Seattle’s humid weather gracefully; it’s immune to mud problems and has superb drainage capabilities.

Synthetic grass doesn’t demand much. No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing — yet it remains perfect and green all year round.

Tiles and Bricks: Beauty that Comes with a Slip

While tiles and bricks might certainly amp up the look of your poolside, appropriating them means compromising on safety.

Tiles and bricks can turn dangerously slippery when wet, escalating the risk of falls. Additionally, a fall on these hard surfaces can lead to significant injuries.

Synthetic Grass — The Safer Choice

When you install synthetic grass in Seattle, you get a surface that provides ample traction even when wet, thus considerably minimizing the risk of accidents.

The surface of synthetic grass is soft and forgiving, offering a cushioned landing in case of any inadvertent fall.

Marble: The Elegance That Isn’t Always Practical

A marble deck elevates the appeal of your pool area, but is it user-friendly on a sunny day?

Marble heats up under direct sunshine and can become too hot to walk on in bare feet. When wet, marble can also turn slippery, posing additional safety concerns.

Synthetic Grass — The Comfortable Alternative

When you install synthetic grass in Seattle, you get a fabulous coping mechanism against Seattle’s tricky climate. It stays cool under the sun and allows for a pleasant walk around the pool, even on the hottest days.

Its non-slippery nature is an added assurance, making the pool area safe for all.

The Brilliance of Synthetic Grass for Seattle Pools

The analysis above shines a light on an indisputable fact: Synthetic grass outperforms traditional poolside landscaping materials, offering an array of attractive benefits for Seattle residents:

  • Low-maintenance: Bid adieu to chores such as mowing, watering, and re-seeding with synthetic grass around.
  • Enhanced safety: The reduced risk of slips makes for a safer pool environment.
  • Excellent drainage: The artificial turf spectacularly prevents pooling and muddy messes, a godsend for Seattle weather.
  • Year-round beauty: Unlike natural grass, which can go brown, synthetic grass stays lush and green all-year-round.
  • Walk in comfort: A walk on this turf is always soft and pleasant, making it a comfortable choice for your feet.

By embracing synthetic grass for your pool space, you’re ensuring it remains pleasurable, safe, and beautiful — no matter what Seattle’s climate decides to throw at you.


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