It’s difficult to maintain grass in places that have a lot of water, yet why does it remain common in pool areas? Simple: it makes the landscape look natural and inviting. As a result, the place attracts more customers. Want to give your pool a fresh look but don’t want to go through the hassles of growing grass? Synthetic grass in Stockton has the solution to your problem.

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Why Is It Difficult to Grow Grass in Pool Areas?

Most types of grass can’t thrive in soggy areas. Their roots suffocate due to the soaked soil, causing them to rot. Those that are tough enough to survive the water usually can’t take the high foot traffic in pool areas. As a result, they turn yellow and wilt after some time.

Why Is Synthetic Grass in Stockton Perfect for Pool Areas?

Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to the real thing for pool areas. Here’s why more and more park owners are going synthetic:

It’s immune to water.

Artificial grass doesn’t have roots that can suffocate in soaked soil. So it’ll stay lush and beautiful even when it’s always wet. Therefore, you can lay it down on areas that get a lot of spillover from your pools or are always underwater.

It doesn’t get slippery when wet.

This is a major advantage for pool areas. Synthetic grass doesn’t get slippery due to excess moisture. This applies to both its water with chlorine or a sticky spill from a visitor. So feel free to install it in your park’s eating areas aside from its poolside areas.

It gives surfaces extra padding.

Expert installers can equip your installation with a special infill. It can give your floors padding, which helps reduce the risks of scrapes and bruises in case of slips. So if you have accident-prone areas, it’s a good idea to install artificial grass on them.

It’s pet-friendly.

There’s artificial grass in Stockton that will make canines feel more welcome in your pool area. It’s gentle on the paws, so you’ll be able to keep those paw pads safe from scrapes. Also, it’s pet-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking from pet antics.

It’s a breeze to maintain.

You don’t have to do much to keep your artificial grass in top condition. First, remove trash from its surface. Then, rinse it with clean water frequently. If it’s dirty or has stains, you can use a plastic brush and a soapy solution to wash it. Finally, brush up its fibers to keep them upright.

Beautify Your Pool Area With the Help of Expert Installers

It’s difficult to install artificial grass in water landscape, at least when compared to most commercial installations. You’ll need to make sure that the result can take the high traffic and excessive water well. So if you want to ensure a successful installation, leave the task to the professionals.

Expert installers know what to do to get the job done well. Also, because they have years of experience, they can also pull off various turf designs without a hitch. So feel free to include unique grass amenities, such as a life-size chessboard and putting greens, to your artificial turf installation in Stockton. Call your area’s top installers today to learn more about what they can do for your pool area!